Sound Systems

REVOLUTION as a built in Sound System,

IT's GREAT !!!

Phoenix Sound Systems

T&M Models became a Phoenix Dealer because of the Exceptional sound created by these modules.

Probably the best Loco sound in the World If you have not heard them, please do, They are truly exceptional, for demo’s please go to (

We also offer a fitting service, And can tailor the sound to suit your needs.

Phoenix is Compatible with most Major Systems

Mtroniks Sound Systems

A very good Diesel sound system, at an attractive Price.


I will have more information soon.


Unfortunately is on 40mzs frequency

Whilst a very good system,

I have decided to specialise in the

2.4gig Frequency.

I will convert your Locolinc system to

Revolution, no fitting charge,

you just pay for parts, original fitting must be T&M Models


I have quite a few New Locolinc Items

Receivers, Power Units

All at less than half Price.

Please Email Me for Bargains

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