I will be adding Photo's of Levers

Built into Signal Box Floors


.......................................................................ELECTRIC POINT CONTROL LEVER...............................................................

The Reality: Cobalt-S

Something special: 140mm (5-1/2″) high and with a feel that has never been achieved before without long hours of skilled work on the modellers workbench.Cobalt-S has a solid brass lever with working locking catch that gives a real feeling of action when moved, with a solidity and purpose reminiscent of the real thing. Added detail parts are also supplied with every switch.

I have added a couple of Concepts Photo's, until I can get round to fitting this amazing lever into the floor of my signal boxes.

I will be selling a kit for each signal box, these levers are five inches long, but when they are set into the floor, barely three inches, giving a very realistic scale look, hopefully I will have these on my web site..

I have also developed a little module that goes on the output to operate LGB style points, the lever will NOT operate LGB points without this, I tell a lie, you can put a switch and push, that would need changing every time you changed direction, my Module does it for you and is free with each lever purchased from tmmodels

Please look out for my new Signal Boxes, with lift or tilt access to the built in lever.

A 12v battery can be purchased for only £9.50 will last for weeks on one charge.

In the new year, this battery will be solar charged!

An old car battery would save you purchasing another !

Price is for ONE lever  £17.50.

Comes pre-wired ready to connect to 12v Battery

And don't forget your FREE LGB Module

10% discount for ten levers.

As well as controlling the electric point, there are also built in switches for Signal Lights and inter-locking if required.

If you already have a tmmodels signal box, a kit can be purchased from me to fit these new Point Levers. OR ! you can purchase a new bottom section with the levers built in.

Picture shows painted lever, levers are not painted to give you the individual choice of colours.


A New 3 Aspect Signal

Complete with Remote Switch

Battery Operated

These signals have been imported from USA and the bulbs replaced with the latest

Multi Chip Technology 10mm LED's

Giving amazing brightness even when the Sun Shines

Just add batteries and Switch On !

Signals come with 2 meters (6ft) cable

Signals with a Longer Cable length can be made to measure at £1 meter extra,


I will have an Automatic I.R. Sensor controlled version soon !


I manufacture a two Aspect (Red/Green) Signal using 10mm Ultra Bright LED's

These have sold very well at the Shows, where people could appreciate the stunning

light acheived, made as a simple to use pre-wired unit, with a water resistant switch

all pre-wired, just add batteries and switch on, with a 2meter lead as standard.

All this for only £20.00 (additional length & 50p meter)


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