Accucraft Quality Steam & Electric 
Powered Loco's.

The New All Metal Chassis
Is now in stock in very limited numbers "Only Two left"

We are offering for collection at Exeter, the following specifications.

A 10% deposit secures.

All of the following will be on board Battery Powered

The latest Ni batteries will give hours of running before a re-charge.
Specification 1
The Basic starter model, speed is controlled by a discreet control knob.
Installed Ready to Run      £359.00 SORRY NOT AVAILABLE
Specification 2
The Baguley is controlled by the Latest 2.4gig Digital Radio Control
Joystick gives proportional forward/reverse speed control.
On/Off switch and charging socket fitted.
Electronic speed control, made by Mtroniks, as used by Roundhouse.
Installed Ready to Run      £399.00
Specification 3
2.4g Digital Radio Control, but this time controlled by a“Basic RailBoss Unit”
Railboss was developed for the control of Model Railways, It as many interesting features,
a small amount of momentum is built in, to prevent F1 type starts, and emergency type stops.
Momentum can be adjusted to simulate different types of Loco load. Speed can be restricted (for youngsters)
The left hand joystick gives incredible slow speed control, whilst the right joystick, controls forward/reverse,
but can only be changed when your Loco is at a stop.
Built in sound triggers and directional lighting, if you are thinking of 'sound' one trigger can add £12.
to a standard electronic speed control price.

Installed Ready to Run      £479.00

Specification 4

As Specification 3 but fitted with a Rail Boss Plus

Even more features !

Station Stop Feature, placing a magnet on the track stops the Loco, you decide how long it stops,
and then the built in momentum makes for realistic stop/start

Two magnets placed within 12inches causes the Loco to stop, and then leave in the opposite direction.
You can decide on the length of stop.
Another nice feature is % stop feature, it then dosen't always stop!!

The Railboss Plus also as four sound triggers.

Superb slow control !

Installed Ready to Run      £???


PHOENIX SOUND SYSTEM probably the best sound system in the world,

fully installed including speaker £135 (If purchased with the above )

Mtroniks would require sound triggers.

The popular Mtroniks sound unit now available £59.00

Plus £12 for engine stop/start trigger, + £12 for whistle trigger.


If you don't already have a charger, a automatic charger is available for £25

A good quality charger is a must.



W&L Coach

This Beautiful W&L Coach by Accucraft retails at £185
T&M's price only £167.00 inc. Plus: if required, half price lighting kit when purchased with the coach. Please contact T&M for availabillity
I.O.M. Pairs Coach, (in stock) retails at £160, T&M's price only £139.00.
Plus: If required, half price lighting kit available. Please contact T&M for availabillity
ACCUCRAFTS FULL RANGE, INCLUDING LOCO'S AVAILABLE AT GREAT PRICES. ______________________________________________________________________________

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